Foto de Maximo Caminero República Dominicana

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MÁXIMO CAMINERO: Was born in Dominican Republic in 1962. His work is supported by a number of critics of great prestige, his works have been auctioned in prestigious houses of America and some have been acquired by North American museums. Lives in Miami, Florida since 1988. Since his early days in Santo Domingo (1974), Caminero did experiments with different techniques and materials, and a road that took him from landscape naif, exploring in 1989 the depth of Taino art (Antilles first settlers)...
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Foto de Maximo Caminero República Dominicana

MÁXIMO CAMINERO: Was born in Dominican Republic in 1962. His work is supported by a number of critics of great prestige, his works have been auctioned in prestigious houses of America and some have been acquired by North American museums. Lives in Miami, Florida since 1988. Since his early days in Santo Domingo (1974), Caminero did experiments with different techniques and materials, and a road that took him from landscape naif, exploring in 1989 the depth of Taino art (Antilles first settlers) in this path he dove in the abstract art (1991) and from a brief period he moved to a conceptual work were he shows different situations and life experiences of his people, El Dominicano (1992-93). After this he goes back in the search of his ancestors he manages to include them in his new work in an authentic way (1994) being his own person and taking his essence from the Caribbean Antilles. In his relentless search this self-taught artist, achieves a personal style that begins in his work described by critic Luis Labera y Trufero \"MAPAS ANCESTRALES\" ancestral maps, drawings that appear rapidly and violently giving birth to a language since 1995 to 2004 when the drawings (many times hard to describe) begin to make sense, and all of this goes hand in hand with the artist personal life, he says \"only the one who is, can be\", after a long period of internal fight and situations that shape a person, Caminero takes things in a more relaxed point of view, something that he calls \"La Certeza de La Incertidumbre\" the certainty of the uncertainty, and together with his dilemmas one book is born (it will soon be published) \"TODAS LAS PUERTAS\" all the doors, in which he pours his deepest thoughts and enriches his art, since a lot of his work has been inspired from this book. From the birth of his symbolism (2005-6), Caminero do not stop and paints like the road. The road taken was only a step in the never ending road that artists follow, the ones that believe in authentic and serious art. He changes things, adds, improvise he is not afraid to destroy and renovate himself, he is not a crowd pleaser or to himself, he is his own critic but he does not reject something that was already born and he keeps it as testimony of the road, in 2010-11 , after including in his collection multiples series that define the style of his work, he goes back to drawings by Miguel Angel, Leonardo and others not less important and makes a short series. From it is born the hidden and it is when Caminero begins to introduce profound desire, human shapes, that he painted in his early career, it is born again and brings \"Las Narrativas\" (2013) a serie where you can see his thoughts in a visual way, these conceptual art brings a more human universe, more personal like he says in his book, \"we have to grow within ourselves, without searching and or listening from outside....the light! inside.


1991 - I Máximo Caminero Exhibition, Miami, Florida. 1991 - II Máximo Caminero Exhibition, Hotel Embajador, Santo Domingo. 1992 - Transición, Casa Noveau. 1994 - Caminero 1994, Dreams, Ghosts and Fantasies, Theatre House Dominican Republic. 1996 - Caminero 1996, Dark Series, Miami, Florida. 1996 - Faces of the Dominican Community, Dominican Culture House, Miami, Florida. 1997 - In the shade of an Oblivion, Voluntariado de las Casas Reales Casa de Bastidad, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. 1998 In White and Black, Theatre House, Santo Domingo. 1999 - Amamey, Casa Guayasamán, Santo Domingo, Ergots. 1999 Between North and South, Museum Galería Josefina, Managua, Nicaragua. 2000 - Máximo Caminero 10 years, Dominican Culture House, Miami, Florida. 2001 Florida International University Library, Miami, Florida. 2002 -\'Tuyel\', Biaggi & Faure Fine Art, Puerto Nuevo, Puerto Rico. 2003 - Selections 2002-2003, Fundación Guaysamin, Ecuador 2004 - Memory 786 Theatre House, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic 2004 - Selections 2003-2004, IT´S ART GALLERY, City Club, Panamá. 2005 With all my Soul, Diaspora Vibe Gallery, Miami, Fl 2006. The Loneliness of the Simple, Biaggi & Faure Fine Art, Puerto Nuevo, Puerto Rico. Subconscious Memory, Anthropological museum, Reina Torres de Arauz, Panama 2009. 20 years of Art in our Community, Miami, Fl 2010. Reflexions of thougth, ABRO GALLERY 2010. STAGES, Multitudes Art Gallery, West Palm Beach, Fl 2013.


1990 Art critics associations (A.C.C.A.) Miami , Florida . 1992 - Dominican Culture House, Miami, Florida. 1992 - Coral Gables, Miami, Florida. 1992 - Koubet Center, Miami, Florida. 1992 - A.C.C.A., Miami, Florida. 1993 - Wizo, Miami, Florida. 1993 - The Florida Museum of Hispanic and Latin American Art 1993 - Renaissance Art Gallery, Miami, Florida. 1993 - Feria Du Padova, Italy. 1993 - Image Art Gallery, Miami, Florida. 1993 - Renaissance Art Gallery, Miami, Florida. 1994 - \"Dominican Art\", Miami Herald, Miami, Florida. 1995 - \"High Point\", North Carolina, USA. 1995 - \"The New Vision\", Merrill Lynch Campus Art Gallery, Plainsboro, NJ. 1995 - \"Self Portraits\" Hetzco Studio, Miami, Florida. 1995 - Viva Galeria, New York. 1996 - \"Dominican Art\", Miami, Florida. 1996 - \"Latin American Art of 90\", Saint John University, New York. 1996 - \"The Open Studios\", Bird Road Art Connection, Miami, Florida. 2000 - Art Expo, 2000. 2001 - \'New horizons\', Biaggi & Faure Fine Art, Puerto Nuevo, Puerto Rico. 2002 Latinoamerican Museum of California MOLAA 2005 \'Uno\', Biaggi & Faure Fine Art, Puerto Nuevo, Puerto Rico. 2006 - Contemporary Art Exhibition, Miami, FL. Aldo Castillo, Chicago. 2006, MOLAA, California Auction. 2006 Chicago International Fair. 2007 MOLAA, California Auction. 2008-MOLAA, Museo Latinoamericano de California, Auction. 2008-Biaggi & Faure Fine Art, Puerto Nuevo, Puerto Rico. 2008 ABRO Art Gallery Miami. 2008- Privee Collection Art Gallery, Miami, Beach, Fl. 2008-Arte Ahora Art Fair, Chicago. 2008-RED DOT Art Fair Winwood. Miami. 2009-FIART, ART FAIR, Dominican Republic. 2009-ABRO Art Gallery Miami. 2009-Arte Ahora Art Fair Chicago. 2009- Tempo Contemporary, Miami Dade College, Miami, Fl. 2009-JUANIO AUCTION, Guatemala, City. 2009-City Club, Panamá City. 2009-Giovanni Rossi Art Gallery, Fort Lauderdale, Fl. 2010-Galeria Turquesa Cancun, Mexico. 2010-2011 JUANIO AUCTION, Guatemala, City. 2011 Gallery JF West Palm Beach, Florida.2013 TRANSVISION ANTILLANA, MUSEUM UNIVERSITARY OF ANTIOQUIA UNIVERSITY(MUUA), Medellin, Colombia. 2013 CARIBBEANA, Gallery Multitudes Contemporary, Miami, Florida. American :Cultural Center Pembroke Pines Florida. CORAL GABLES MUSEUM : Prominent Artists from the Caribbean. 2013 ART BASEL, PURVIS YOUNG STUDIO WINWOOD, FL. 2014 WEST PALM BEACH ART FAIR, Multitudes Gallery.


2nd. Place Drawing International Contest A.C.C.A. Miami 1990. Honor\'s mention, Modern Art A.C.C.A. 1992 (Miami, Florida). Plastic Artist of the year 1996 (Premios Honor al Mérito, Miami, Florida). Artist of the year 1997 (Premios Dominicanos / Miami, Florida). Artist of the year1998 (Premios Independencia Miami, Florida). Recognition of Dominican Plastic´s Artists, College for the Contributions to the Dominican Culture in the Exterior (1998), Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Dominican prizes in the Exterior for his contribution to the cultural growth of the Dominican Community in Miami, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. (2000). Recognition of the National Institute of Culture of Panamá INAP, (2009).


The Harriet & George D. Cornell Museum of Art and History, Delray Beach, Florida Museum Casa de Bastidas, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Museum Fundación Guayasamín, Quito, Ecuador Contemporary Art Museum Puerto Rico (MAC), Santurce, Puerto Rico.

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